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A Message To Business Owners. . .

If you are the owner of a Privately Held Business and you have found yourself here, please allow us to take a moment to tell you a little bit about our practice.  We work with our network of financial professionals such as CFPs, CPAs, Tax Attorneys, Insurance Agents and other business advisors in a consulting capacity to them and to you, along with your advisors, in order to bring to you pro-active, proprietary business and Tax Planning strategies, resulting in operating efficiencies and significant tax mitigation which brings more money to your bottom line and puts more money into your own pocket.  Our goal is, first and foremost, to greatly reduce or eliminate your tax liability but our practice actually involves four areas:  Tax Mitigation, Asset Protection, Retirement Enhancement and Succession Planning.  We call the program APS (Advanced Planning Strategies).

APS Audio Overview for Business Owners


APS Video Overview for Business Owners


How we work – A to Z

We begin with a simple one page FQ (Feasibility Questionnaire) which will take a mere 7-8 minutes for us to complete (we’ll ask a few questions and fill it out for you).  This gives us a snapshot of your company, usually enough for us to determine if, how and to what degree we can assist you.  After we review the FQ, we engage with you on an approximately 40 minute conference call during which we introduce ourselves and our practice and ask you some questions which fill in the blanks if there are any, explain how we work and explain what kind of results can be achieved through the APS process.  There is no cost for this brief analysis.

If you then have an interest to know more and to find out EXACTLY what can be done for you and your company we will ask you to allow us to review some financial information.  After we review your  information we will re-convene in 7-10 days and one of our APS Team tax attorneys will present via webinar, a customized plan via a personalized PowerPoint and Excel Spreadsheet, showing exactly what we can do and what our recommendation will be.  We will present this to you, to your other majority stockholder(s) if there is/are any, your CPA and any other outside advisor such as a tax or business attorney you rely upon for advice.  We want to be clear that we are not a threat to your own advisors or the trusted relationships you have with them (quite the contrary).  The fact is, we do not do what your CPA does and we do not want to displace him/her in the role he/she plays with you.  We are a guest in your world and operate accordingly.  We do need your current trusted advisors to understand what we are suggesting and we want to make them part of the planning team as trusted advisors to you.  Our goal is to bring a value-added service to you as well as to your current CPA and any other advisors you may have.

During this second engagement (with you and your advisors), we will present the full analysis and recommendations at no cost to you.  We simply ask you for a total of about one hour of your time and your advisor’s time….and they can be on the call and on their computer in the comfort of their own office, as can you, of course.

If what we present makes sense to you and your advisors, our attorneys will explain exactly what is involved, any cost to put the plan in place and then draft an engagement letter that would memorialize everything they will do, the cost to do it (the net cost is ALWAYS ZERO since any cost to put the entire plan and structures in-place will represent a part of the tax savings), their on-going role in providing annual compliance reviews, valuation services, audit representation, etc. We have a tremendous track record of success in working with small businesses of all types to bring results that can transform your company, it’s operation, profitability and efficiency, and in fact, your life.

We look forward to talking with you.  If you’d like to find out more, feel free to review the documents and information here or contact us (navigate to our Home page and call us, email us or reply in the space, “How Can Synergy Financial Serve You”).   In your review of the documents you will see the Feasibility Questionnaire.  If you’d like to short-cut the process, please feel free to complete and return the FQ directly to us.  We will contact you expeditiously.

Thank you for your time and attention!