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APS is an acronym for Advanced Planning Strategies, the first and flagship package from our “Easy as A-B-C-D” concept portfolio.  Our company, Business Owner Wealth Strategies LLC, is committed to assisting profitable, privately held small businesses achieve their maximum operating efficiencies and profitability.  We do this through the extensive network of financial professionals we work with.  We, as well as they, engage with small businesses and their own trusted advisors (in-house and external CPAs, Tax & Business Attorneys, partners) to bring proven and compelling results for both business owners and the financial professionals who work with us.

These objectives are accomplished by providing state-of-the-art strategies we employ with our Tax Attorney associates, with whom we have worked for the past 18 years.  The APS program is designed to help client businesses in four major areas: Tax Mitigation, Asset Protection, Retirement Enhancement and Succession Planning.  The vast majority of CPAs we come into contact with don’t practice in the same esoteric areas we do.  Our CPA/Tax Attorneys are specialists not only in IRS code but also ERISA and DOL (Dept. of Labor) matters.  This enables our specialists to create tremendous opportunities for privately held business owners to bring more money to the bottom line for their businesses, put more money back into their own pockets, increase their asset protection and plan more effectively for succession.  The cumulative positive effect this has had on the businesses we work with (and their advisors), has been substantial and tremendously gratifying.

We fully train the financial professionals we work with, utilizing an all-inclusive module containing a plethora of materials.  We put all the tools in their hands to successfully obtain a simple APS Feasibility Questionnaire (FQ) from their clients and prospective clients.  It all starts right there, with our acquisition of an FQ and a commitment for a 45 minute conference call with the person who referred the case and the business owner.

Please feel free to peruse a Feasibility Questionnaire HERE.