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CPS is an acronym for Capital Preservation Strategy.  CPS is a sophisticated and extremely effective way to mitigate capital gains upon the sale of any highly appreciated asset with a sales price of $500,000 to $500,000,000 or more.  These assets include but are not limited to businesses, real-estate (commercial or residential), precious stones or metals, artwork and other collectables.

A seller of a business or real estate (or any form of highly appreciated asset) is faced with a very real and expensive problem when he/she has no desire to purchase another “like kind” asset or give away the asset through a charitable trust arrangement.  Simply stated, the problem is that the capital gains and other taxes due upon the sale of the asset dramatically reduce the return upon the sale.  The challenge we have as planners is to obtain the best tax result when a client is considering the sale of such an asset, when the capital gains tax issue is looming like a dark cloud.

In order to avoid a significant current capital gains tax hit, there are few solutions that do NOT require purchasing another “like kind” asset (as in the case of a 1031 exchange in R.E. or another business in the case of the sale of a business).  One can exercise a number of charitable giving strategies, giving away property to reduce or eliminate capital gains but for those who wish to sell a highly appreciated asset of any kind and keep the vast majority of the proceeds, there are very, VERY few solutions to the capital gains and associated taxes.  We have what we are confident, is the very best solution available, CPS.  You be the judge!

CPS employs an elegant strategy developed by a Harvard-educated attorney several years ago but is little known.  We will be happy to show clients and their advisors how it is done and our experts will implement it for them.

Immediately below we have provided two Flyers on the subject, as well as a short, 5 minute video.  These materials do not go into detail but do give a general overview and provide examples.  As one can understand, there simply is not enough room to cover all the possible variations since the facts and circumstances surrounding each CPS transaction can be different.

The way we work is to obtain a Feasibility Questionnaire which gives us a snapshot of the facts and circumstances, including a description of the asset being sold, then engage on a conference call with a prospective client and their advisor–usually the financial planner who brought the client and the client’s advisor, usually a CPA.  We will walk the client and advisor through the strategy.  There is absolutely no cost for this consultation.


CPS Introductory 1pg Flyer

CPS Introductory 2pg Flyer

Tri-Fold Brochure – Hand Out

Tri-Fold Brochure – Mail Out


CPS Video