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What are Life Settlements? Life Settlements are another form of non-market correlated alternative vehicles.  They are an asset class with generally superior returns, protection of principal and no direct correlation to the stock or bond markets, real estate markets or any other traditional investment markets.  They are not tied to domestic or global economic conditions and the exact dollar returns are defined up-front. In its simplest form, a Life Settlement is where a third party purchases and owns an existing life insurance policy with a death benefit payable upon the insured’s death, for less than the death benefit amount and becomes the beneficiary of those policy proceeds upon the insured’s death.  This would be considered a ‘whole policy’ purchase…one policy, one purchaser. There is a newer opportunity for investors now, and this kind of Life Settlement is called a Fractionalized Life Settlement.  This newer concept accommodates the smaller investor and does not require the purchase of an entire policy.  A policy may be purchased from a policyowner by a Life Settlement company and it may be broken up into fractions so that several investors may purchase the rights to part of the policy and it’s commensurate death benefits.  We provide these in California only at this time.  While the product is an SEC Registered Security, California Life Insurance Agents with no securities license are permitted to sell Life Settlements under what is called the “Q Exemption.”  For a complete explanation of what is required and not required in CA in order to sell life settlements, please review this California Dept. of Insurance Link: http://www.insurance.ca.gov/0200-industry/0050-renew-license/0200-requirements/life-settlements/

This opportunity brings to a qualified investor a fixed return dollar figure on a reasonable investment (non-qualified or qualified money), the only real variable being the difference between the actuarial-determined life expectancy of the policy insured and the actual maturity of the policy (the death of the insured).  For an overview in flyer format, see our Life Settlements Flyer. If you would like to contact us for more information about Life Settlements, how they work and what is available, whether you are an insurance licensed individual or a consumer, please navigate to our Home Page and complete the short “How Can Synergy Financial Serve You” section.  We look forward to speaking with you. LIFE SETTLEMENTS FLYER