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Overview: Non-Market Correlated Alternatives   arrow

As financial service professionals it simply is not enough, in this time of virtually unlimited access to information, to be a one-trick pony.  We must look at a wide variety of tools to accomplish our clients’ goals.  Agreed?

Today’s clients are more sophisticated and are interested in a broad array of vehicles to provide diversification and to capture a larger return than what has been an altogether unimpressive environment for many years with perhaps one exception, the stock market, in 2013.

The good news for both the modern client and the modern advisor is that there are a number of “outside-the-box” opportunities which are not correlated to the traditional markets, the source of so much of where clients are looking for their ROI (Return On Investment)….banks, credit unions, the stock and bond markets, real estate, etc.

So what are we talking about here?  We are talking about some of the newer asset classes that are generally categorized as Non-Market Correlated Alternatives.

What does “Non-Market Correlated” mean?  It simply means that the vehicles themselves and the returns offered have nothing to do with the success of the stock or bond markets, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, mutual funds, REITS, crediting or borrowing rates or a plethora of other market-driven indices.

Non-market Correlated Alternatives may be based upon a multitude of other factors, most  of which look to improve returns and at the same time limit risk in general and eliminate market risk.  In fact, many of these opportunities may be in the form of contracts with the purveyors, which are typically structured to provide higher returns than other, traditional opportunities which often have higher risks.

So how do these work?  We will examine one in the link under this section.  You may access this information from the Menu on our Home Page or select the link below for an overview of the non-market correlated alternative immediately below.


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