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Ins. Agts, CPAs, CFPs, Tax Attys, Biz Advisors, R.E. Agts-Brokers, et al.

  • Full array of Life Insurance and Annuity Products (45+ Companies) for all markets
  • Contracting Services
  • Application Processing
  • In-Site Quote Engine for Term & Guaranteed DB U/L
  • Illustration Services
  • Case Design for All Market Segments
  • Qualified Plan Proposal Service:  Pension, Profit Sharing, 412(e)(3), Section 79, Hybrid ASC S-Corp ESOP, etc.
  • Proprietary, Turn-key Marketing Concepts, Materials & Training for Financial Professionals.
  • Advance Planning Consultation & Design:  Business & Estate Planning, Strategies for High Net Worth Clients & Business Owners.
  • Complete Marketing and Training Packages for All Niches–Our A-B-C-D modules. 
  • See our A-B-C-D Summary Flyer, a basic overview of the four items below.  All details are found in our main menu items, APS, BPS, CPS & DPS.
  • APS (Advanced Planning Strategies): Our Proprietary Business Owner Wealth Strategies Module For Tax Mitigation, Asset Protection, Retirement Enhancement & Succession Planning.  We can show qualifying, privately held companies how to operate on a near or entirely pre-tax (untaxed) basis.  We train advisors of all types.  Select the APS Overview-What Is It? under the APS menu item at the top of this page or click the link, Here! 
  • BPS (Benefits Planning Services): Our program for businesses with 150+ EEs in which our 32+ year strategic large group health partners save businesses from 10% – 30% on their health insurance with a proprietary system to negotiate premiums for each aspect of their coverage directly with re-insurance providers, creating custom-designed self insurance programs.  Select the BPS Overview-What Is It? under the BPS menu item at the top of this page or click the link, Here!
  • CPS (Capital Preservation Strategy): Our program to mitigate current capital gains taxes on the sale of highly appreciated assets such as residential or commercial Real Estate (no need for a 1031 exchange transaction), businesses, precious stones, artwork, etc.  If you or your clients have or are considering a sale on such property, with a sales price from $500,000 to $500,000,000, please call and talk to us.  Planning is critical! For more information, Select the CPS Overview-What Is It? under the CPS menu item at the top of this page or click the link, Here!
  • DPS (Defined Pension Solution): Defined Benefit Plans for high income business owners with no or few employees, which allow very high contributions.  Most CPAs and Tax Attorneys are not familiar with these fully-guaranteed, split-funded DB plans but they will allow, depending upon age and income, pre-tax contributions of over $300,000!  For more information, Select the DPS Overview-What Is It? under the DPS menu item at the top of this page or click the link, Here!
  • Non-market Correlated Alternatives:  Niche Products and Complete Packages in the Non-market Correlated Alternative space, such as Fractionalized and Whole-Policy Life Settlements as an Asset Class (CA only).  Select the Life Settlments Overview under the NMC Alternatives menu at the top of this page or the link, Here!
  • Complete, Turn-Key Marketing and Training Packages for All Niches.