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The APS Program

business_analysis_idIf your business client employs 11 or more full time employees, it is time to seriously consider allowing us to help you position your clients’ businesses in a way that will maximize their tax mitigation and bring more money to the bottom line and into their own pockets.  It all starts with a short & simple Feasibility Questionnaire.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know through our proprietary, turn-key concept & A to Z training package.  We work closely with our tax & ERISA attorney associates to bring unprecedented benefits to your businesses owner clients, partnering with the clients’ financial professionals and making them a part of the planning team.  We provide the value added to you so that you become a hero to your clients.  The APS program assists your business clients in the areas of Tax mitigation, Asset Protection, Retirement Enhancement and Succession planning (T.A.R.S.).  Contact us & we’ll tell you all about this extremely lucrative proposition for both you and your business clients.  To make it even better, we do all the work up front for free–no retainer.

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